Whatchamacallit? Randominity?

5 Jan

I know that’s not a word. I’m an English major. Half the fun of that is making up new words though… and that’s what my life has been full of today: randomness, randominity, unpredictability and unproductivity. I’ve eaten more baby carrots today than words I’ve just typed. It’s better than that many fun-size candy bars (mmmmm… candy bars) AND it keeps idle hands busy.

I’m not bored. I have a to-do list the size of a small child. I’m just finding it hard to stay on task. I’m currently interning in the Twin Cities. I love it and it’s going extremely well, but I miss my house—so much I tried to Google Earth it last night. I miss my honey and I miss our dogs. I only have a week left here—and then it’s back to the grind, minus the bf who is training for work in Kansas City until the 20th. Since we met almost five years ago, it’s the longest we’ve had to go without seeing one another. Five-and-a-half days in and it already feels like forever. (BTW, it’s a giant sign that you’re in super-emotional mess mode when a marketing blog almost brings you to tears. It’s one of those days.)

Nevertheless, between this and that, I’m managing to get some stuff accomplished. That in itself feels something comparable to “a giant step for mankind,” although I’m nowhere near walking on the moon. I do walk BY (not on) a treadmill and another thingy every day at work. When in doubt, always use the word thingy… or better yet, a favorite of my late Grandma Annie, “whatchamacallit.” I don’t know what the whatchamacallit is because I’ve never ventured into the room. As appealing as the treadmill is, I’ve never seen anyone at the office in that room—I’ve never even seen the light on. More than that, all of the strangers I work with right now don’t need to see or hear the intern fall off the treadmill or try to figure out how to use the whatchamacallit.

This is why I yo-yo-ed. Things in life got the best in me, got me down, got me off track. If I had it my way, I’d miss my boyfriend all day by curling up in my bed with a bucket of ice cream and the remote. And if I keep in my way, I’ll continue to avoid the little exercise room at the office because I worry about what people I may never see again think about me.

Instead I’ll push through. I’ll love what I have and take the opportunities I get. Mind over matter, right?

I’m a lucky girl: I have some of the best friends and family a girl could ever want. My sister lives on the north edge of the cities. She took me to the gym on Monday. I’m living between two of my best gals who both live closer to work—they understand not having pizza and ice cream (mmmmm… ice cream) parties every night. Instead, Elizabeth has been baking up a storm with me—chicken breasts, tuna melts, healthy cr..p—Last night we even did yoga. It’s on the agenda again tonight.

And… I’m finding inspiration through a friend that’s deployed a world away in Kuwait. Daily quotes dominate her Facebook wall. Today’s is very fitting: “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” (Will Rogers) Now that—being on the right track and STILL getting run over—is randominity that I don’t need or want.


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