Excuses, excuses . . .

18 Sep

I have this really bad habit of disappearing for a month at a time from this blog. Sorry about that. Here are my list of excuses:

1) I was exercising nonstop — for an entire month.

2) I was too busy buying healthy foods and preparing nutritious meals for myself and my family.

3) I was doing an in-depth research project on all things weight-loss related.

4) I underwent liposuction.

5) I “Macgyvered” my own liposuction with a pen-knife and a 12-pack of Pixie sticks.

OK, ok. So none of that stuff is true.

Truth is…it’s been a rough month and I’ve self-medicated by eating my feelings of frustration, sadness and anxiety.

Though the low-carb thing really, really works for me…and I never, ever intended to give up pasta, breads, etc., forever…but I dove into them over the last few weeks.

I’m lucky, because I haven’t put on a whole lot of weight, but I can already tell that my waist has taken a hit again. Sigh.

I’m moving back toward a more balanced diet — still protein heavy — but allowing more whole grains and keeping calories/fat within reasonable guidelines. I’ll let you know how things go.



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